Srpen 2011


27. srpna 2011 v 15:41 | SONY

See this man? His name is Dwayne. But we all know him better as Lil Wayne. Isn't he perfect? 90% will say 'no he is not'. I am one of those 10% who will say 'yes he is'. I know him since age 11. I'm 14 now. Throughout all these many years of knowing this face, I learned the meaning of l-i-f-e. He taught me how to live. This smile gives me butterflies and whenever I see him smile, I smile. I haven't met him. Why? My family has a huge hatred on this man. Does it hurt when you can't share the happiness what this guy gives me? Simply no. I know that someday I will meet him. Hug him. Probably saying bye to him afterwards will be the hardest thing I'll ever have to do. Wayne's eyes…They are fascinating and breathtaking. Wayne's lips…So passionate. Wayne's ears…Pointy and cute. Wayne's dreads…His treasure. Wayne's muscles…radiant. Wayne's soul…beautiful. Wayne feels misunderstood. He feels like no one really knows and understands him. The hate he gets always brakes my heart. He is the joy of my life. He is my idol, inspiration and role model. Nothing will ever change the fact that I love and admire him. Wayniac's - a fan base that doesn't fight or argue with each other. We are family. We stick together and we make Wayne #1. I love it when he gets shy. I love how he dances. I love his cheeky smile. I love that sparkle in his eyes when he is happy. I love the way he looks at his fans. I love that he is who he is, and that he hasn't changed. I love it when he has those immature moments, when he acts like a kid. I love his laugh. I love his voice. I love Dwayne Michael Carter Jr with all my heart soul and being.